Friday, May 16, 2008

Milwaukee County Zoo...

We have had a membership at the Milwaukee County Zoo for several years with the thought that someday we would take our grandchildren there. On Mother's Day weekend we had the perfect opportunity to introduce Owen to some of the Zoo's finest. What a great day!

The happy hippo below was finishing every last leaf of hay for her breakfast while her mate took a swim.

Have you ever been THIS close to a tiger?? Hold on tight, Grampa!

How about these Polar Bears? They seemed a little bit out of sorts. Maybe they are missing the ice and snow...

We watched the elephants have baths inside, then we watched them outside... getting dirty all over again!

The peacocks were beautiful as they competed for the attention of the hens. (All that strutting and the hens didn't even appear to notice.)

Owen's favorite word of the day was peacock.

Have you
ever seen dancing bears?

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? "I see Owen looking at me!"

It was a fun day for all, but a few of us needed naps when we got home! We will have to go back again to see all the critters we missed.