Monday, January 26, 2009

Semester Exams...

The room was silent.
The students were absorbed in their Algebra exam: factoring, simplifying, solving equations.
The teacher was walking about the room monitoring progress and checking calculations. This teacher was thinking, "Semester exam time is hard on everyone.
Students are anxious...
Teachers are under pressure..."

Then the teacher farted. (loudly)
"phffffffpbtpbtpbtpbt!!!!" (oh no! stand still! keep a straight face!)

Ben looked at Todd. Kevin glanced at Emily. Austin looked up with a "whodunnit" expression on his face. Greg was sure it was Jordan and slid his desk to the side...

The students did what they so often do!
...overlook the obvious! (and today that's okay!)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cousins Club...

Girls just wanna have fun...

Elodie and Gabriella are already sharing clothes! They have also looked at each other via webcam; they have chatted on the internet and they have sent each other picture mail on their cell phones. And, though they haven't yet mastered the skill of "texting", they will soon be meeting in person! They are planning a "sleepover" at Elodie's house. They will soon be getting together and comparing notes on their quite recent arrivals into this world. They will share their adventures so far and will compare notes on what it is like to be cozy in their little cradles, to wear pink, to be snuggled by their mommies and adored by their daddies and put up with a big brother.
Well, at least their Mommies will be comparing "notes".
We are so excited to know that Rachel and Julie will be planning new adventures and starting to make memories for these little cousins. We are so glad they will know each other from an early age.
Well, Owen. You are certainly outnumbered... one sister and four girl first cousins (so far). You might as well grin and bear it.