Monday, May 25, 2009

Welcome home...

Welcome home, Jerome!
It has been seven months since you were home and we are so glad to have you back! They changed some doors and built you a ramp and deck, but it is still HOME.
Your bathroom has been changed so you can move around in there, but it is still HOME!

We love you and we are proud of how hard you have worked to be ready to come home.

It is so good to see you enjoy being outside and visiting with friends and neighbors! It is so good to see you decide when you want to come in again. Dianne is happy to have someone to cook for and it looks like you are happy to have her cooking!

It has been a long journey,

and we have seen you come so far...

The boys came often to visit you and they began to feel right at home at St. Luke's. They were just glad to be near you.




and a New Year!

Valentine's Day.

Easter. Spring!

Many friends celebrated your progress and prayed for your return to strength.

We love you Jerome! and continue to pray for you and for your family. Welcome Home!

Memorial Day...

We celebrated Memorial Day as we often do with a visit to the veteran's cemetary at Wood, Wisconsin. It is always an emotive experience, but is especially so on this day of "remembrance". The straight rows of headstones formed ranks in every direction and each marker was decorated with its own American flag. Families walked among stones, thinking... remembering. We instinctively went to our location in section B, marker number 194 - Chester Mowbray DesRochers, Ensign - U.S. Navy.
As always I simply said, "Hi Dad!"

One thing that caught our attention was the peace and quiet that is always a part of the experience. Another notable thing was the beauty of the grounds with the lush, green grass and the flowering shrubs lining the drive. Finally we wondered at the sheer numbers that were buried there. Men and women who shared the common bond, whether in peace or at war, of service to our great country. We walked among the markers, we thought of them and we remembered with gratitude.

Back home at Woodland Wonderland we proudly fly the flag. Each day as we count our blessings we count our freedom, our nation, our patriots. We remember and we are grateful . May God Bless America.