Friday, July 28, 2006

The many faces of Mary Beth...

Happy Birthday Mary Beth!
Whatever you do to celebrate your day,
may you do it with all your heart!
Do it for you!

Do it like you mean it...

Have fun along the way...
And enjoy every minute...

We love you with all our hearts.
Just keep on smiling... and may God Bless you and Keep you.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Our fascinating hummingbirds...

We have been delighted this past week with the antics of our hummingbirds that are attracted to our bright red menarda blossoms. For a long time we were seeing them one at a time, but began to realize that there were several different ones feeding here. That became apparent one evening at supper time as we watched them. One little guy would dive-bomb another to chase it away. A couple of them even took turns perching on the trellis to "guard" the territory waiting for its mate to come to take a turn to feed. In fact, they have gone after the sparrows who have ventured too close! No larger than my thumb, these tiny creatures are truly fascinating. The ruby-throated hummingbird weighs only as much as a copper penny. His nest is the size of half a walnut and is made mostly of bud scales and bits of lichen cemented together with cobweb material. Two pea-size eggs are laid and uncubated by the female producing babies no larger than a bumblebee which are fed by their mother for only ten days. We see the mom coming approximately every 15 minutes performing this ritual. Most fascinating about these tiny creatures (besides their incredibly long migration to South America) is their skillful ability in flight. Little Hummer can fly forward, backward, upside-down and stright up like a helicopter, and she can even remain suspended in the air with her wings moving so fast you can barely see them! Unlike other birds, she doesn't even have to slow down to stop; she can approach her perch at full speed, abruptly stop, and start up again just as quickly.
Kind of reinforces one's belief in "Intelligent Design", doesn't it?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hi Grandma!!!!!

I took a different route on my daily walk today. In an impulsive attempt to follow in my own grandmother's footsteps I decided to walk to the Post Office. (Though her walk may have been blocks, mine was 4 miles round trip, but worth every step!) I was easing through a newer subdivision when I heard a door slam. Across the lawn I saw a little boy dashing toward a small kennel (we used to call it a "dog house") at the edge of the property. No more than three years old, this little guy was rushing out to greet his equally enthusiastic dog! Lots of squealing and hugging and wiggling ensued as I watched the two devoted friends play. Heartwarming...
I heard the door slam a second time. It was the Mom. "Come on!" she called. "We have to go now!" As the little guy turned toward Mom he caught sight of me walking down his street. "Hi Grandma!!!" he hollered and started racing straight toward me. Mom intervened, however, scooped him up and looked at me apologetically. "Sorry," she said. "Not at all," was what I said, but I was really thinking how wonderfully he had brightened my day. I am a grandma, and don't mind being taken for one! You know, I felt the same adoration for my Grandma; and my own children feel that way about theirs!

...and I look forward to the day when each of my own grandchildren will greet me that enthusiastically and race out to see me with outstretched arms.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Jewels!

Celebrating with Julie! Whether it is a birthday or some other occasion, it is always fun to be with Jewels! She is one of those happy people that can always find something to celebrate or something fun to do. She thinks big and she thinks extreme, but she knows how to scale it down for those of us who want to take it a bit slower in life. (Thank you for that, Julie.)
We took time to sing Happy Birthday at our recent gathering and want to say it again today; "Happy Birthday Jewels!" May all of your big dreams come true...

Live, love, laugh and be happy!

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Family Reunion...

Our first family reunion as grandparents was held over the long Fourth of July weekend. Stretching out over several days and crammed with activities, it was the best ever! Besides spoiling little Owen, we enjoyed a giant dose of highly concentrated family time... Playing golf, soccer, tennis, and football; spending time walking, swimming, eating, shopping and just plain talking. We spent hours sitting around the table and lounging by the campfire; engaging in conversation, debate and remembering... We didn't eat "right" and we didn't sleep much; but we sure had a swell time making the memories we will talk about the next time we get together.

Favorite sports:
Extreme soccer..... Extreme squirtguns.... Extreme spoiling......

Sunday, July 02, 2006

"Proudly it waves, Old Glory..."

I Love America.

"Proudly it waves, Old Glory, over the land of the free; Promise of hope and freedom, symbol of liberty. Red, white and blue are its colors; Colors both brilliant and clear. Colors with far deeper meaning than that at first may appear. Red is for blood of Patriots who have died to free us; white is for justice and government of law; Blue is for honor and faith in all we do! This is my flag; This is Old Glory, the red, white and blue." from I LOVE AMERICA, by John W. Peterson.