Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dear "Birth Mother"...

Somewhere in Wisconsin is a lovely young woman and, though I don't even know her name, I already love her. I thank the Lord for her and have promised myself to pray for her. Having nurtured new life for nine months - all the while praying for wisdom - she made the beautiful decision to place her baby girl in the loving and capable arms of my friends Sara and her husband Chris. She could not have made a better choice and, if I could talk to her today, this is what I would say:
"I met tiny Emma Grace on Friday. She was only 9 days old, slightly less than 8 pounds and nursing sweetly from a bottle. In spite of her diminutive size she had already turned her new home "upside down"! Though quiet, the joy in their home was palpable. Sara was so graceful as she lovingly tended to Emma; Chris showed fatherly pride in his baby's charm.

"She is so calm!" I remarked. Emma stretched and yawned and curled her tiny arms about her round face. She peeked out of her sleep to see the new faces, rolled her lip down and blinked in the light. Her beautiful hands, long arms and legs, and slender feet were so delicate. Sara glowed and Chris smiled; their love for their tiny daughter shining in their faces. It was beautiful, natural and utterly complete! Thank you for your courage and your love."

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Anniversary Celebration...

A full weekend of fun was planned for the family's celebration of our 40th Wedding Anniversary. All our girls as well as Mimi came home for the occasion and there was no shortage of food, fun and celebration! We traveled in style in a 12-passenger van! We ate in the "Pope's Room" at Milwaukee's famous Buca di Beppo restaurant. (The Italian food and the Red Velvet cake were out of this world!) We tailgated at Miller Park and took in a Brewer game. (they lost...) The guys golfed at Rainbow Springs while the girls "showered" Julie with baby items for her little girl which is expected to arrive in October.
Phil enjoyed the "experience" of grocery shopping with the pros - Julie and Lori. We took walks and runs and sat around in the yard. Some of us enjoyed a late night campfire while others of us enjoyed the early mornings with Owen... We enjoyed hanging out in the kitchen making breakfast together (we used our new griddle) or snacking on "Skinny Cows" (are they really legal?) We tried Calimari, tasted non-alcoholic beer, played pool and even tried a new "softer" t.p. (Thanks to Julie and Lori.)
Slightly short on sleep, everyone has headed back home and to work, remembering the fun times and wishing they didn't fly by so quickly! Our Fiftieth will be a calmer affair...?

Rog & Rach, MB, Jewlie 'n Todd, LoriJo and Constantin
Front Row: Owen MM and Phil