Thursday, March 22, 2007

What else happens when you pray?

God answers again!
If you have a request that is big, such as finding a lost earring or small, such as finding a little church in which to serve, it would behoove you to pray about it. At least that is the lesson that I learned from my sister recently.
On our way to Reiley's birthday party in Illinois on Saturday I lost one of my earrings. Since they were a gift from my daughter and were irreplaceable, I was sad that I wouldn't be able to wear them again...

At the party we met the "prayed-for" twins and enjoyed their sweetness. We also had the opportunity to catch up (sort of) with the boys. We watched as they tumbled and flitted from one activity to the next. Their growth in body, mind and soul being another testimony of God's design. It is exciting to watch the unfolding of the little people they are becoming and it is evident that their safety is prayed for daily!

Finally we were able to see the Little church for which my sister prayed. First having been led by God and then taking a leap of faith, my sister and her husband moved from the big city to the little city. They bought a home, found new work and moved all their stuff. In her heart of hearts my sister wanted a place where her husband could minister and that was the desire of his heart. So she prayed for a "little church". "Is that too much to ask", she wondered as God was already answering her prayer. In God's own way He gave them the desires of their heart. He provided "exceedingly and abundantly" above all they asked. He gave them a church home and gave PR a place to minister and serve and use his gifts and talents. On the way home we decided to pray about finding my lost earring. "Is that too much to ask?" Then we looked in the car and under the seats. We stopped at places where we had been along the way and looked. We looked at the gas station and in the driveway. Home again, I looked one last time under the seat. There, stuck in a crevice, where I thought I had already looked, was my earring! Thank you Lord!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

What happens when you pray?

God answers!

Our niece, Karina, knew what she wanted and that was to have more kids! But she also understood her limitations... So she did what any believing child of God should do and she went to her heavenly Father about it. She prayed for twins... (I call it "two for the price of one".)

Her beautiful twin daughters are a double blessing and a constant reminder to all of us that God answers prayers! We were delighted to meet them and hold them and share in her double scoop of "two-for-the-price-of-one" joy.

Kate and Madison Austin - age 11 weeks.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Surprised speechless...

After nearly 39 years of marriage I was certain that there would be no way my mate could keep a secret from me; and by my 58th birthday I thought that I had pretty much seen it all. At least that was what I thought... but I was wrong!

Last week, on my birthday, I was waiting in the car while Phil checked us into our hotel for a "little" vacation in Florida. (Lori was with us and MB had decided at the last minute to fly down and join us too.) Sitting there, I just turned to glance at a car that had pulled up along side us and... everyone in that car looked familiar! That was weird. I looked again. I blinked. I was momentarily speechless. My thoughts churned: whoa... wait a minute! whe? ...whaa? ...who? When I found my voice, "OWEN!" was all that came out, but they were ALL there! Julie from Colorado; Rachel, Rog and the baby from Minnesota and Mimi at the wheel of a rental car! With perfect timing, Mimi had left from Cape Coral in the morning, swung through the Orlando airport to pick up the others and pulled up along side us as we checked in - to a gorgeous fully appointed vacation suite! The various flights were nothing less than miraculous as most of us escaped just ahead of snow storms, blizzards and bitter cold temperatures.

Later we were joined for pizza by Mark, Kathy, Tyler and Abbey! (another miracle... another story) We met up with them again later at Universal Studios.
We sunned and funned; we used the pool and the spa; we played and we walked and we laughed. We ate giant hamburgers and Lori's lasagna; we rode rollercoasters and shuttles; we played Pictionary and Soup (thanks to Tyler); we drank coffee, watched movies , took pictures, shopped the outlets and took many turns hugging Owen.

Though the idea originated with Phil, it took off as each one joined in on the surprise. It took everyone to pull it off, and each one did their part to make it a special four days together. I will never forget it. It was AWESOME! Thank you.

The Birthday Girls - MM and Kathy

Ladies Man

G G-ma relaxing

Universal Studios

We saw Abbey and Tyler too.
Tried Feeding Tyler to the Shark!