Saturday, June 27, 2009

Phil "Junior"...

Rachel had a great time rummaging the other day. She was very excited to find more tools to add to her growing collection! Her latest finds: a chain saw, a large bolt cutter (to use for trimming bushes) and a shovel! She recently received a scroll saw and belt sander from some family friends and is planning projects for her home. Already in her collection are a mitre box, drill, hammer, screw drivers and other various small hand tools.
If you really wanna make her happy she would love a circular saw!
Phil enjoys this as much as Rachel does. He gets to play with the tools, too, as he shows her how they work and teaches her how to sharpen them or oil them or whatever...
Rachel hangs the cabinets and shelves at her house. She also has been know to help her friends and relatives install mini-blinds and other stuff.
Look out now! She will be cutting down trees with her new chain saw!

Of course, there is no job she would rather do than "mother" her kids. She just likes to have something to do while they are napping! (hahahaha)

Good job teaching her, Phil!
I bet she can even change a tire and an oil filter...