Monday, September 05, 2011

Starting school...

Our precious little five-year-old will be going to school!
This milestone has come so quickly that we wonder if we dare turn around for fear of missing the next five years!

Our kind, caring, sensitive, fun-loving, curious, eager, sweet boy.

We wonder what will become of him?

Will he thrive and grow? 

Will he stay a kind and gentle boy who loves his baby sister?
Will he be strong in the world out there?     How will he turn out?    Will he manage to survive?

His is no longer that little baby that we could corral in our arms;
or that little guy who would sit on the floor and try to make us laugh.

Our precious little five-year-old is going off to KINDERGARTEN!

This is harder for us than when each of our own children first got on the bus and went off to school...

"Oh LORD, we pray for this child of yours that you would hold him in the palm of your hand and
keep him safe. Protect him from the world and show him the path he is to take.
Guide him along his way. We are thankful to know that You love him even more than we do.   Amen"