Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baby Xavi...

Somewhere in southern California on a rare and beautiful day, little Xavi Matteo was born.
The sky and the ocean met in one fluid shade of blue and a mild sea breeze could be felt along the shore, gently tugging at the palms. The water lapped the beach ...
When she felt another gentle tug and a tightness in her tummy, she knew... and then the water. The time had come!

...the ever present surfers were oblivious to the drama unfolding only a few short blocks away...
and the sun began to settle for the night. The shades were drawn in the little cottage, the preparations made complete. Their focus never waivered as they labored toward their dream. He was to be born into the water - gentle, warm, comforting...
The words came gradually. Short texts.
He was born sometime after midnight.
Eight and a half pounds! (Wake up, Grampa! He's here!)
Name is Xavi. What?

Xavi Matteo. Oh, Ok.

How do you pronounce it? "Chavi" Oh, ok.
(Wake up, Grampa! He has a name!)

How are they?
Ok, good.

She's nursing. Ok, good.
(Hey Grampa!, He's nursing!)

s-e-n-d p-i-c-t-u-r-e! (please!)
Here he is, all brand spanking new! and beautiful! (Wake up, Grampa! Here is his picture!)
Soon there were more pictures and a wonderful visit in person. Up close and personal! He is bonding with his Mommy and Daddy. He is eating and sleeping and cooing. (and making lots of diaper changes necessary.)
My favorite thing to do is to unwrap and look at all the brand spanking new baby parts...
...chins and arms and elbows and hands. Hands! Just look at those hands!
Those hands work so well to hug Mommy!
And his Baby feet! are so sweet! (Hey Grampa! Just look at those feet!)
Button nose and dark hair and eyes... and just look at those fuzzy cheeks!
He only has eyes for Momma... and a bit of a smile too!
Dear sweet Momma! "I love you!"
Trusting sweetly and napping peacefully, knowing that he is loved and cared for.
Natually his very first outing would take him to the beach... a favorite family affair...
Another day. Another sunset. Welcome, Baby Xavi! You are so very loved!

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karen said...

Beautiful. I love a good story with a happy ending. And a sunset.